Putting advanced tech in stores

Full mobile experience in stores, not just payments

Shoppers Alert !

Browse the shop catalogue, order items and get alerts to membership benefits and special deals. All of that and more when you are in the store without the need for an internet connection.

Just download either the partner e-wallet app or our app for Android, iOS and windows directly. A single app works in all stores.

* Note: The app is not yet generally available during the trial. Interested? Send us a message at the bottom of this page.

Enhance Your Store

What we can do for shop owners

Lot's of technology around for shop owners but cost and complexity can be overwhelming for small and medium sized shop owners. Download our app and get direct access to:

  • Membership program for customers

  • Accept E-wallet payments (no QR codes)

  • Inventory and warehouse control

  • Sales reports and create promotions remotely

  • View security camera's remotely and detect hot spots in the store

  • Integration with back-office system possible

Latest Tech for E-Wallets

We provide technology so your users can pay in stores without the need for internet and cumbersome QR codes.

Our technology is easy to integrate with any existing e-Wallet and opens up completely new markets.

Our Team

Jan Sturm
Graduated from Delft University of Technology, majoring in Management of Datacenters Over 25 years experience in information technology projects Implemented ERP and POS systems for multinational companies Owner of JS Systems

Maarten Remijn
Graduated from University of Amsterdam majoring in Social Science and Communication
Experience in managing IT projects and Fintech


Jakarta - Indonesia

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